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Hot-Mess Housewife

Sweet? Check. Loving? Check. Good cleaner? Ummm...

Hot Mess Housewife
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FIRST NAME: Samantha - sometimes known as Sammi or Sam
AGE: 28 in October 2009
LOCATION: Northern California, USA
OCCUPATION: As of 9/2009, unemployed and working as a substitute teacher. The economic crisis has hit the teaching field very hard.
PARTNER: Robert, a.k.a. Bobby, The Hubs. He's currently a research assistant for a technology-based company, but eventually wants to get his M.A. in something based in government. =) We've been together since January 2003, married since June 2007!
KIDS: None at the moment. We hope to have children once Bobby finishes his Masters degree or things are more financially stable, barring any happy accidents. I have PCOS, though, so this will be difficult.
SIBLINGS: I'm the only product of my parents' marriage; I have an older step-brother (Troy) from my mom's 2nd marriage, and a younger sister and brother (Sami, 20, and Matt, 17) from my dad's 2nd marriage. Troy is the father of my adorable 3-year-old nephew Julian.
PETS: In December 2009, we became the proud parents of the cutest dog ever (EVER! Don't argue with me!), Daisy.

WHERE AND FOR WHAT DID YOU GO TO SCHOOL?: I earned my B.A. in both English Education and Theatre Arts at CSU Chico (a.k.a. Chico State) - also met my husband there! I earned my preliminary teaching credential in Secondary English at CSU Sacramento (a.k.a. Sac State). Eventually I'd like to get an M.A. in English, but that's more for personal fulfillment than professional development. =) I'm a nerd like that.
PARENTS: Mom is Karla, Dad is Sam. I occasionally refer to being Mexican - my father is full-blooded Mexican-American, 2nd generation (making me 3rd), and my mom is German-American, also 2nd generation! This makes me a multi-racial child. =) Both of my parents have re-married; Mom is still married to Raymond, they've been together since I was 3. My Dad re-married D'Lin, who is the mother of my siblings, but they divorced, and now he's married to a woman named Mary.
HOBBIES: I'm a very crafty girl! I mean that in a non-skanky way. I make jewelry, I knit, I crochet, I embroider, I make cards, I know how to sew (but I haven't done it in a while)... I love to craft! I also enjoy reading (being an English nerd and all) and writing, and occasionally post my writing here for perusal. Click the tags for "arty", "crafts", or "writing" if interested in what I make, with words or with stuff =D

If you're looking for someone who will comment on your entries a lot, sorry, I'm not one of those people. Unless I've been your LJ friend for a WHILE... and even then, I'm sure they could complain that I don't comment enough. ;D Of course, I'm a total hypocrite in that I get bummed if I don't get any comments on my entry. So basically feel free to comment, but don't expect much from me, unless I see something that definitely merits commenting (i.e. you acheived something great, you said something hilarious, you showed a picture of your boobies, etc.).

I'm also a total lurker - I love to read other people's lives, so if I added you and you're wondering why, it's because I somehow stumbled upon you, probably through a mutual friend, and thought you seemed neat-o. Be flattered - I only lurk on those I find truly fascinating. 9 times out of 10 I'll rarely bother you with comments, and those comments will usually be friendly, i.e. "Happy Birthday!" or "Wow, that's a cute picture of you." I practice good internet manners. xD

Currently obsessed with:

That crazy thing called civil rights for everyone regardless of creed, race, or sexual preference. If you voted Yes on Prop 8 (or would have if you lived in CA), you're a moron and you have no business looking at this blog, 'cuz we have nothing in common.

Pretty much sums it up.

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